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Offering a full spectrum of property services, Zafido is a full-service construction company with an extensive portfolio of property developments. Our services include property development and property maintenance services.

In our new offices, what began as a simple vision is now a powerful and growing reality. With over 70 hardworking, trustworthy and loyal head quarter employees, our goal is to meet our clients’ needs and high exceptions.

At Zafido we do business differently and constantly work to redefine our industry by embracing change and challenging our industry, thereby giving our clients the winning edge.

We are proud of our collective expertise, which enables us to be successful in an ever-changing market.

Who we are

Located in the heart of the southern suburbs of Athens, we service the surrounding areas of Athens as well as regions outside of Attica. Integrity, trust and consistency are the foundation of our core values. We partner with likeminded representatives who share our passion and values. This is a real a testament of our success and continued growth.

Our Projects

Our construction lies in our ability to proactively manage the complexity of the construction process, based on our experience and expertise. Our projects are diverse, characterised by a deep understanding of specific client requirements.

It is crucial to understand future trends in an effort to predict the demands and requirements of tomorrow’s market as well as know the geographic locations and types of property that are likely to offer a high ROI in years to come.

Elegantly fitted and furnished apartments with a clean, modern style.

Zafido has extensive experience in the construction and restoration of various kinds of buildings.

Zafido is the market leader in Greece for renovation and conservation